"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail." -Abraham Maslow

A new tool for accessing home wealth without a loan.

Your financial situation, lifestyle and experiences are not the same as your neighbors’ or the other thousands of homeowners in your community. So, why is it that you should be limited to the same choices when it comes to managing your home wealth?

When most people think about accessing liquidity from their homes, conventional tools, like loans, lines of credit, or even reverse mortgages, spring to mind. But, Barastone sees your situation as unique and offers tools that are beyond commonplace to more intelligently access your wealth.

We offer no-loan alternatives to accessing your home wealth, and work with you to customize solutions and strategies aimed at achieving your personal goals.

“I couldn’t qualify for a conventional loan but really needed to take charge of my financial situation. Barastone helped me get cash to pay off my debts and enabled me to qualify for a mortgage refinance at a significantly lower interest rate!”

– B.R., San Francisco, CA

Using The Right Tool for the Job

Our clients come to us seeking a way to access liquidity from their highly illiquid single largest asset – their homes. We offer tools that enable them to get cash without a loan, monthly payments and interest costs, and without tapping into your current equity. There are no restrictions on use of the funds.

For more information about how Barastone can help you, or to get more information about our services, please call us at 650-802-0800.