“You’ve worked hard to maintain your home, now let your home work for you!”

Making the most of your home wealth

HOME WEALTH is more than the measure of your home’s current market value. It is an often overlooked, and under-utilized, asset in each homeowner’s financial portfolio.

The home wealth specialists at Barastone are focused on helping homeowners make smart choices regarding managing home wealth. We start by taking a fresh look at how much of your personal wealth is tied up in your residence, and providing a new approach to easily access and protect that wealth for you to use as you want or need.

Barastone offers customizable tools, solutions and strategies to help homeowners access liquidity and diversify the concentration of wealth within the home in order to more readily achieve their financial objectives.

I was standing in our living room one day thinking that our house is worth $1 million, but we can’t use that wealth. When I called Barastone, they helped us get the funds to pay off our mortgage and make investments that gave us the chance to fulfill our dream of exploring the South West for weeks at a time!

-T.S. Mountain View, CA

An intelligent approach to home wealth management

If the concept of managing your home wealth hasn’t occurred to you before, you are not alone! Most homeowners — and their financial advisors- leave the house out of the financial management equation because they haven’t been adequately equipped to confront two major challenges associated with it. First is the fact that your home most likely represents the single greatest concentration of your wealth. And, second, it is an illiquid asset (which means that you can’t readily access the majority of your wealth). The conventional tools for accessing liquidity are loan-based, which requires homeowners to incur additional debt, pay monthly fees and interest, and some may even erode your equity. It’s no surprise then, that those tools, while useful, aren’t generally integrated into a first choice financial strategy.

But Barastone’s approach, tools and strategies intelligently pave the way for homeowners to solve their liquidity problems and capitalize on opportunities. A highlight of our capabilities provides homeowners access to liquidity without a loan or interest payments; without tapping into their current equity; and without incurring the burden of additional debt.

For more information about how Barastone can help you, or to get more information about our services, please call us at 650-802-0800.

What We Do
Barastone offers tools, solutions and strategies that enable homeowners to access liquidity without taking out a loan, and better utilize their home wealth today, and in planning for the future.
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