Your home is more than a place to live; in all likelihood, it is your single largest asset. But, when was the last time anyone offered you the chance to evaluate and take an active role in managing your home wealth?

We aren’t talking about taking on additional debt, leveraging your house, or borrowing against it. Those options may put your precious asset at risk. Instead, the Barastone team offers homeowners a fresh perspective on accessing and managing home wealth that includes utilizing some new tools, solutions and strategies to minimize debt burden and achieve personal goals.

“Homeowners who achieve greater control over their home wealth gain tremendous power over their long term financial well-being.”

Barastone works closely with financial experts (financial planners, insurance brokers, tax or estate attorneys, and others) on your behalf to fully maximize the benefits you can reap from taking charge over the management of your home wealth.

We specialize in developing customized strategies for homeowners to transform their home wealth condition from being House Rich and Cash Poor to being House Rich and Having the Resources to Meet your Current Financial Goals and Future Financial Objectives.

“We originally came to Barastone seeking a better way to reduce our debt, but they helped us develop a strategy that ultimately set us up in a personalized pension plan to supplement our Social Security income and established tax deferred accounts to fund our grandchildren’s education.”

– G. H. and J.H., Los Altos, CA

For more information about how Barastone can help you, or to get more information about our services, please call us at 650-802-0800.