What Our Clients Say

“We are retired and were looking for additional sources of income that did not require us to borrow against our fully-paid-for home. Barastone showed us how we could increase our cash balance without adding any debt. We used the money to supplement our monthly income. This has given us peace of mind and a new sense of freedom!”

C & D | Fremont, CA

“Barastone helped me get the funds I needed to pay down the debt I accrued to support my small business, and I didn’t have to sell or mortgage my home to do that!”

D.S. | San Carlos, CA

“We were exploring taking out a loan to pay for our son’s education, but a friend told us about Barastone. We checked them out, put the tool to work for us and even got enough funds to supplement our income. Thanks, Barastone!”

H. O. | San Mateo, CA

“I considered seeking angel investors to launch my new business when I heard about what Barastone has to offer. Working with them gave me the opportunity to accomplish my objectives and retain ownership and control of the business.”

R.K. | Santa Clara County, CA

“Working with Barastone enabled us to reduce our mortgage balance, fund a personal pension plan to provide life-long income and set up a systematic funding plan to help with grand children’s education expenses.”

G.H & J.H. | Los Altos, California.

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