“Solutions have a voice. The art is knowing how to listen.” ― Gino Norris

There are some situations in life that you can plan for. But, as we all know, there are times when problems — or investment opportunities – arise and your available financial resources fall short of the moment’s need.

As a homeowner, gaining access to your home’s wealth could make a substantial difference to you in those instances. Particularly if you knew you could get cash without adding to your debt burden or eroding your equity.

Barastone’s team of home wealth specialists take the time to listen to your concerns, evaluate your situation and customize solutions to meet your present and future financial needs. We have no-loan alternatives available to get you access to cash now and get you on your way to better managing your home wealth.

Customized Solutions for Homeowners

The majority of homeowners have most of their personal wealth (approximately 70%) tied up in their homes. Until recently, the only way for homeowners to access some of that wealth required them to take out loans, pay monthly fees and interest and, possibly erode equity.

But now, Barastone offers qualifying homeowners liquidity solutions that don’t impose those additional burdens. We work with homeowners who are facing immediate challenges, or want to take advantage of opportunities, and can benefit from intelligently accessing liquidity from their homes to:

Reduce Debt
Supplement Income
Create A Personal Pension Plan
Take Advantage of an Investment Opportunity
Support Business Objectives
Cover Any Imminent Cash Need

My company needed money to purchase new equipment and increase headcount, but our funding options were not appealing. Barastone offered a solution to expand my business without crimping cash flow or taking on additional debt.

G.S., San Mateo, CA

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