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We have an exciting afternoon planned, as we welcome back Trusted Advisors Steve Hotovec and Mark Rogers from Barastone, LLC. You can look forward to an engaging and informative discussion on maximizing America’s Favorite Asset…our home! For the vast majority of us, our home is not only our largest investment and source of financial well-being, but our largest concentration of wealth. Today, Mark and Steve will bring strategies, tools and case studies of maximizing this wealth in your home. For the first time, they will also offer a great ‘Top 10 Ways To Maximize America’s Favorite Asset’, with the most common applications and solutions tha homeowners are benefiting from today.

Behind the scenes at our last interview with Guest Co-Host Peter Frankel and Trusted Advisors Mark Rogers & Steve Hotovec, Barastone, LLC.

We will kick off at 3pm PST on KDOW AM 1220 with a brief overview of Home Appreciation Rights, what this tool is, how it works, and exactly how it leverages the equity in your home. With equity up 30% here in the Bay Area, it is no wonder that home truly is America’s Favorite Asset. What other investment provides not only a place of residence, but such a significant return on investment? With many Bay Area homeowners feeling ‘house rich, cash poor’, Mark and Steve will explain how to use home wealth to:

  • Reduce Debt.
  • Increase Cash or Liquidity Levels.
  • Diversify Your Portfolio.
  • Pay For Education & More!

You can even meet Mark and Steve at a local, upcoming event, The San Francisco Money Show, on August 21st & 22nd (we’ll be there too!), to answer your questions and share more information about your personal home wealth solution. This is your chance to obtain an even deeper understanding of this strategy and product. There is ‘no catch’, which is the most common question we receive! The benefit of Home Appreciation Rights compared to traditional mortgage solutions is two-fold: 1) The ability to utilize and share future equity, and 2) A platform that is investment-based and part of an overall portfolio (not rooted in traditional lending guidelines). Of course, Mark and Steve can explain much, much more at the event, so stop by!

We hope you will join us this afternoon at 3pm PST on KDOW AM 1220, as Mark and Steve bring their deeply rooted experience in finance, accounting and investments to RE360Radio! As always, they’ll bring reality, humor and focus to that place we call ‘home sweet home’. Be sure to tune in for the ‘ ‘Top 10 Ways To Maximize America’s Favorite Asset’‘ , and of learn about the upcoming event where we can all meet up and thank you for being part of RE360Radio! All the best! ~ Joe

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